About ­­Hagmed­­­­

The HAGMED company was established in 1990, and at present it operates as a limited partnership, the shareholders of which are the two co-owners. Hagmed is an average sized company with 80 employees. The main subject of the company’s activity is the production of disposable specialized medical equipment.
The company has all the CE ISO certificates that allow to trade in goods within the EU and associated markets. Over 60% of all production is exported. HAGMED products are sold to the EU markets and to the markets of: Africa, Asia, South America, Canada and Australia. For years, HAGMED has been presenting its offer at the world’s largest medical fairs: MEDICA-COMPAMED in Dusseldorf, Germany, ARAB HEALTH in Dubai in the Arab Emirates, and at numerous specialist conferences and specialist in Poland as well as abroad.

Administration and Sales Office
96-200 Rawa Mazowiecka
ul. Tomaszowska 32

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Electrodes are used for transurethral, minimally invasive surgical medical procedures for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Electrodes are sterile, disposable medical devices and are fully biocompatible. Electrodes are compatible with Storz and Olympus resectoscopes and can work in an environment of glycerin solution or sodium chlorine (NaCl) solution. Electrodes ensure safe and stable transfer of high frequency “HF” current from a diathermy unit to the prostate tissue.
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Catheters are used to remove fresh, soft embolic material from blood vessels in the arterial system, administer thrombolytic or anticoagulant drugs, and administer contrasting fluids into arter – ies, occlusion of blood vessels in the arterial system, and blood aspiration from the blood vessels of the arterial system. Catheters are sterile, disposable medical devices. Catheters are visible in X-ray imaging and are fully biocompatible.