High Definition and Stable Image
High resolution and wide-field images to support accurate and efficient diagnosis clinically.
• Digital flat panel detector
• Multiple panel models
• Adjustable, and wide-field
• Panel-digitized dynamic range up to 16 bit
• Accurate and clear details
• Resolution up to 1956×1956
Long-lasting and Efficient Performance
• 3.0M heat capacity X-Ray tube, having long-lasting and stable life
• Liquid-metal lubricated bearing to improve heat dissipation efficiency
• Triple focus spot, provide clear images for different clinical application
Safe Radiation Protection
• Accurate working of the collimator to effectively reduce scattered rays
• Active radiation dose management and monitoring, and real-time and accurate recording of radiation dose and other information with RDSR during operation to realize effective supervision over the radiation dose
• Function of virtual collimator, to locate the checked site without X-ray egression
• Multiple dose models to meet different needs, and obtain high-quality images even with low dose
User-friendly Rack Design
Easy to operate
The C-arm features large space, full coverage, multi-axis combined motion, multidirectional rotation, fast positioning,and free manipulation, thereby simplifying the procedures for physicians.
Multi-operation protection
Safe operation through triple protection
• Anti-collision warning system
• Collision braking device
• Motion limit
Stent Enhancement
As an image recognition technique, it is used to realize the motion compensation for the X-ray image to clearly and accurately display the fine structure of the stent, and help physicians immediately evaluate the release of the stent during the operation.
• This feature requires detailed consultation with sales
Swift 3D
With the perfect 3D reconstruction function, Vicor-CV SWIFT supports reconstruction techniques such as volume reconstruction (VR), multiplanar reconstruction (MPR), maximum intensity projection (MIP), and minimum intensity projection (MINIP). It has great advantages in analyzing the three- dimensional morphology and spatial relationship of blood vessels, and has great diagnostic value in interventional therapy for vascular system diseases, tumors, etc.:
• It can avoid vascular structure overlapping, to make vascular images clearer and more accurate.
• The three-dimensional relationship and tubal lumen structure between lesion sites and other normal tissues and organs can be observed at any angle.
• The dosage of contrast agent, the time of diagnosis and treatment and surgery, and the exposure dose can be reduced.
• Accurate measurement results can provide data for surgery and interventional treatment.
New Upgrade of DSA Low-Dose Software Management Platform
Vicor CV Workstation
• 64-bit Chinese interface, providing user-friendly interactive interface
• Accelerated real-time processing module with efficient GPU, and stable and reliable image
• Supporting multiple image processing tools such as automatic measurement, ventricular analysis and QCA analysis
• Real-time function of virtual beam limiter, helpful to reduce scattered rays and improve the safety of both physicians and patients
• Radiation dose report in compliance with IEC standard
• Safety design in compliance with IHE equipment connectivity and network safety standard
Vicor Angio Expert
• Data transmission in compliance with DICOM3.0 and related standards
• Supporting data storage and migration management
• Efficient completion of vascular contour and morphological data analysis, and generation of QCA analysis report
• Supporting dynamic correction of stent position to enhance stent visualization
• Full-automatic seamless image splicing to expand diagnostic coverage and clearly display limb details
Clinical Application In All Departments