• Core-to-Tip design provides great tip stiffness, good touch feedback and moderate support for easy control and better crossability and accessibility.
• Shaping Ribbon design provides softer tip stiffness for minimized damage to the vessels, and outstanding tip shaping flexibility and stability for easy navigation.
• Nitinol + stainless steel cores provide superior flexibility and durability, improves the torque response.
• 3cm Platinum coil at distal tip provides excellent radiopacity.
• A hydrophilic coating is applied to the 30cm coiled distal end to increase the crossability and deliverability.
• PTFE coating on middle and
Introducer Kit
Full kit includes:
Introducer Sheath (1)
Dilator (1)
Stainless Steel Guide Wire (1)
Introducer Needle (1)
Scalpel (1)
Syringe (1)
The Introducer Kit can be customized by:
a) Components include guidewire, introducer needle, scalpel, syringe are optional based on request.
b) Guide wire provides two types: stainless steel guide wire, hydrophilic guide wire (Radial Sheath).
c) Guide wire tip: straight(Radial Sheath), J tip (Femoral Sheath), 135 angled (Femoral Sheath).
d) Introducer needle(IN) or intravascular catheter (IC) is optional.
* For Hydrophilic guide wire(Radial Sheath), IC is mandatory set.
* For stainless steel guide wire, IN is mandatory set.
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