• Proprietary Polyamide Balloon with 3 folds for optimal trackability across long lesions in BTK area
• Paclitaxel Drug - 3.0μg/mm2 (highly lipophilic drug) (Gold Standard in DCB)
• BTHC Coating (Bio-compatible and safe FDA /CE Approved) effective for prevention of “Wash Away Effect” - the excipient also assists to the Drug uptake
In peripheral artery disease, DCB therapy has proven superior to balloon angioplasty for treatment of de novo femoropopliteal and below-the-knee disease.
The Excipient
The excipient is a crucial part of a drug-eluting balloon, as it may have a direct effect on the drug uptake. The rationale behind a higher drug uptake lies in the effect of the excipient.
Another benefit of excipients may be the smooth dispersion of the drug in the excipient matrix increasing the uptake
Paclitaxel Eluting Peripheral Balloon Dilatation Catheter