The efficacy of DES
• Nanoporous cavities on strut abluminal surface functioning as drug carrier to ensure the firm adhesion.
• Post-treatment after drug loading helps with sustained drug release.
• Scientific drug releasing period effectively inhibits SMC migration and proliferation.
The safety of BMS
• Polymer-free design significantly reduces the inflammatory response after stent implantation compare to polymer coating stent, which guarantees the long-term safety.
• Polymer-free design facilitates earlier endothelialization which shorten the DAPT time.
• The rough strut surface helps with easier and faster endothelialization to reduce the risk of thrombosis.
New delivery system
• Soft tapered tip provides smooth transition from guidewire to balloon catheter and excellent crossability.
• Short shoulder design at both ends of the balloon reduces the damage to normal vessel next to the lesion.
• Patented hydrophilic coating on distal shaft provides outstanding pushability.
Polymer-free Sirolimus-eluting Coronary Stent System
Technical Parameters
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