• Semi-Compliant Balloon material for optimal trackability across tortuous lesions and acute bends
• Paclitaxel Drug - 3.0 μg/mm2 (highly lipophilic drug) (Gold Standard in DCB)
• BTHC Coating (Bio-compatible and safe FDA /CE Approved) effective for prevention of “Wash Away Effect”. Helps homogenous drug distribution across the intimal wall within 45 sec
The2014EuropeanSocietyofCardiology/EuropeanAssociationfor ardio-ThoracicSurgery(ESC/EACTS)Guidelinesonmyocardial revascularizationrecommendedtheDCBfortreatmentofvarious ISRs,includingBMS-ISRandDES-ISR,withanAlevelofevidence
LomiFlow: A Wining Combination
Paclitaxel Eluting Coronary Balloon Dilatation catheter