• L605 CoCr Stent Platform:
• Optimal flexibility, radiopacity and radial strength
• Low strut thickness - 65 μm
• Sirolimus Drug - 1.4μg/mm2 (Gold Standard in DES)
Key Features of Limus Track Stent:
Poly Lactic-co-Glycolic Acid (PLGA)
Safe & Effective Drug Delivery Carrier
PLGA are a family of FDA-approved biodegradable polymers that are physically strong and highly biocompatible
Sirolimus Drug: 1.4 µg/mm
Sirolimus Drug + PLGA Coating + Cobalt Chromium..
Sirolimus drug minimizes chances of restenosis and has a long-term proven efficacy.
CoCr DES with thin struts of 65 um for superior Deliverability in challenging tortuous lesions.
9 Crown Design to provide excellent trackability of the stent in following the natural bio-mechanics of the artery.
The biocompatible PLGA Polymer provides consistent, controlled and a 100% drug release. The Polymer degrades 100 % into carbon dioxide and water